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How to View Yahoo Messenger Chat History?

View Yahoo Messenger Chat History

Yahoo messenger is going to end its services and you can download its chat history for some time. Yahoo messenger has all your chat history and you can view all your past interactions and conversations. You need to open the Yahoo messenger and select Contacts menu and then select Conversation History. Yahoo Messenger provides you with search tools such as search engine and filters to help you in viewing the chat logs. You can also take the required help to view the chat history from Yahoo customer support number.

1. Log in to your Yahoo messenger and open the Contacts menu. Select Conversation
history which will open a pop-up that has your archived conversations.

2. From the sidebar select the name of contact whose chat history you want to view. This will display your past conversations with that person as well as video or voice calls.

3. You can send a message or initiate a video or voice call using the conversation history.
Click on the Instant Message, Video Call or Voice call icon to do the same.

4. To save a hard copy or print your conversation history with the desired contact, you can click on the ‘Print’ or ‘Save’ icon.

5. To delete the conversation history with that person from your Yahoo messenger, you
need to click on the ‘Delete Entire History’ icon.

6. To move through your conversation history you can type a keyword or phrase in the
search box and press ‘Enter’. Yahoo messenger will display a list of conversations with
that keyword or phrase.

7. To filter your conversation history, you can open the drop-down menu and select the
interaction type to view.

In this way, you can view and use the conversation history of your Yahoo messenger. Yahoo phone number can be dialed in case you are not able to view your conversation history. If in case you have any other issues with your Yahoo mail account, you can still reach out to us anytime.

For tech support related to Yahoo issues, we have a team of experienced employees who have thorough knowledge about the frequent issues with Yahoo. You can easily get the issue resolved by using the expertise of the technicians. The customer support team for Yahoo is round the clock available for instant support and help. Make sure you get in touch with us at the earliest so as to acquire the best and immediate solutions for different Yahoo issues.

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